Communication & Marketing (C&M) team at CSU Channel Islands is here to help you promote and communicate your news, events and announcements to the campus community and external audiences. Descriptions of our services are shown below and may be requested using the C&M Services request form.

When submitting your request, plan for at least three (3) weeks of production time ahead of your desired completion date. Please note that additional time may be necessary if your project requires printing. A firm deadline based on project type, availability and capacity will be established by the C&M team after your project has been started. If you need accelerated assistance, make sure to note your circumstances on the form, and we will consider such factors in determining the feasibility of the project.



News (press) releases are written by C&M staff and are focused for external audiences to announce significant University news, announcements or events open to the public.


  • 奖项,赠款,排名,与学生或同行的研究以及对公众开放的活动。


  • bbin游戏官网故事的想法往往需要修订来生成媒体兴趣,并且对故事角度的简单修改可能明显影响记者或编辑的看法,以确定您的故事是否是新的最重要的。
  • 我们的目标是通过印刷或数字bbin游戏官网机构,在线商店和广播电视台或电视台促进覆盖范围。并非所有的故事都将加入媒体兴趣,但大多数都可以在Csucibbin游戏官网中心和/或社交媒体上出现。


  • bbin游戏官网(媒体)发布于bbin游戏官网媒体网点分发,发布在CSUCI主页上,并向公众开放的活动也提交给当地bbin日历。


  • 应至少提交bbin游戏官网(bbin游戏官网)发布的请求 提前4-6周 活动或公告。
  • 通过提交详细信息 C&M Services request form 并选择“bbin游戏官网稿”。在“注释”部分中包含您的通知或bbin的关键详细信息,如果可用,则包含其他信息的文件。



bbin游戏官网中心信息专注于校园社区,与bbin游戏官网(bbin游戏官网)的不同之处在于它们不会分发给bbin游戏官网媒体网点。bbin游戏官网中心提交显示 bbin游戏官网中心.


  • bbin游戏官网中心 submissions should be focused to the campus community and may include general announcements, campus news or activities, change of campus services/maintenance, or other information as deemed appropriate by C&M staff.
  • 如果他们对校园社区或公众公开和足够的座位开放,可以提交作为学术课程的一部分,作为学术课程的一部分,提供讲座的演讲嘉宾或讲座系列可能会提交给bbin游戏官网中心。
  • 校园会议未分类为bbin/活动,因此不会通过bbin游戏官网中心推广。



Communication & Marketing (C&M):

  • Creative Services: C&M staff can help support your marketing efforts through graphic design, photography, and social media promotion (see below). Requests for assistance may be made via C&M Services request form.
  • Postings: C&M is responsible for authorizing and posting materials on the 45 campus bulletin boards. Drop off your fliers or posters to the Multicultural Dream Center in Bell Tower Room 1530 or the C&M office in University Hall Room 1650. Please review and complete the 申请帖子 (PDF.,119KB)


  • 大学活动人员提供活动计划支持,后勤服务,内部活动/活动,标志展示和更多的活动计划支持,物流服务,设施/客房预订! 访问大学活动网站 或致电805-437-3900以获取其他信息。



联系 the Communication & Marketing office at 805-437-8415 or 有关问题或其他信息。