CSU渠道群岛(CSUCI)继续保持校园的健康和安全,以及大学的关键部队,以关于虚拟教学,教师和工作人员培训的所有决定的最前沿,了​​解如何远程教学和工作, 2020年5月秋季校园资源的重组和利用。


  • 健康和安全:CSUCI将继续保持密切沟通 文图拉县公共卫生 (VCPH) regarding the University’s ongoing response to COVID-19 and its efforts to plan for the future. The University’s repopulation plans have been informed by and will be vetted by VCPH. Any return to specific campus activities will have to meet or exceed strict health and safety guidelines that the University’s Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) area has developed in collaboration with VCPH, as well as following state and federal public health orders.

  • 学生重新迁移:详述 学生重新流计划秋季2020年学期,该大学制定并实施了一个专注于入学的学生在秋季学期期间纳入居住大厅的学生的框架。
  • Social Responsibility: Each instructional and staff support activity will be carefully reviewed by EH&S and Risk Management to ensure that all safety plan requirements have been met. Every student, faculty and staff member coming onto campus will receive training on the safety plan(s) applicable to their activity, as well as general COVID-19 prevention. It will also be critically important for every individual who returns to campus during the fall 2020 semester to take personal responsibility for their own health and safety, and the health and safety of others.
  • Academic Schedule: CSUCI is planning for a full fall semester. Courses will be taught in a variety of modalities including fully virtual, hybrid and in-person. Six academic programs (Art, Biology/Geology, Chemistry, Environmental Science & Resource Management, Nursing and Performing Arts) have been approved for in-person instruction with each of these academic programs expected to follow all guidelines for each specific program area’s safety plan. These approved in-person courses are limited and only represent 5% of our normal fall course offerings.
  • 课程准备: t.h.r.i.v.e. 是一个灵活的专业发展计划,用于从事虚拟环境的股票思想的学习和设计经验。院长和学术节目椅也在努力确保教师对成功的虚拟教学提供技术支持。教师教学批准的内部课程都意识到偏远/虚拟替代品都需要两者(1)准备可能的即时枢轴到完全虚拟模型,并且(2)为校园会议提供替代方案不愿意或无法来到校园里。
  • 住房:住宅大厅最多可容纳430名学生 - 与2019年秋季相比,约28% - 以确保每个居民都设有私人卧室和浴室。移入时间和日子将被交错。 CSUCI已咨询了VCPH,他将向住宅学生提供筛选协议,包括在抵达时通过VCPH进行卫生筛查问卷和Covid-19进行协调。
  • 餐饮人士:餐饮服务将仅限于仅经营一家餐具 - 可能是位于John Spoor Broome图书馆或其他类似场地的弗洛伊德SIP咖啡店。
  • 在远程或校外工作:在任何时候减少校园内的人数,大多数员工将继续远程工作。员工还将继续被确定为指定人员,以校园在旋转或备用时间表上与建立的安全协议一起支持,以支持校园活动(学生支持服务,公共安全,餐饮服务和设施支持)。员工患有严重疾病风险或65岁以上,能够远程执行工作职能,将允许在特定的时间内继续远程工作。

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